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Technical Articles

Here, you'll find some technical articles with background information on subjects related to our products. There are more to come in the future.

A Loudspeaker Management System with FIR / IIR Filtering

Slides from a presentation given at the 32nd AES conference “DSP for Loudspeakers” in Hillerod, Denmark in September 2007

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FIR Filters: calculation power, length of impulse responses, and frequency resolution

This article covers filter lengths and frequency resolution given by a standard filtering approach and improvements yielded by using down- and upsampling stages.

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Current and Future Developments in Loudspeaker Management Systems

Slides from a presentation given at the ALMA European Symposium 2009 “Loudspeaker Design – Science and Art” in April 2009.

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Inside the HD2

This article describes the processing inside the HD2, IIR and FIR filters as well as its limiter concept and dual range AD conversion ... read more >>